Chef Shaun Quade on Alinea

John Lethlean recently asked Shaun to contribute to an article about Grant Achatz (Alinea restaurant, Chicago), and the inspiration he’s been for chefs and diners around the world.

To be honest, we were just glad John wasn’t tearing us down for using the Tock bookings platform for a change (which funnily enough, was created by Alinea!).

Anyway, here’s the full article in The Australian.

Oh – and when you get to the end of that article, you might want to be in on this.

Chicago chef and restaurateur Grant Achatz. Picture: Christian Seel

How to build a restaurant in a fine dining venue (and vise versa)

We are now officially the first restaurant in Australia to bring virtual reality (VR) into the fine dining experience.

We won’t lie: this was an enormous logistical effort and working out us how exactly to incorporate VR into the enjoyment of a meal was a mind-warp. But with the help of IMG Culinary, Catalyst VR and the WeNeverSleep immersive dining team, we managed to pull this one off. Here’s how it went.

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Lûmé puts virtual reality on the menu for Taste of Melbourne

Written by Stephen A Russell

Originally published by Executive Style, 

When chef-owner Shaun Quade and partners transformed a former burlesque club into Lûmé’s rule-bending restaurant, the aim was to deliver multi-sensory experiences in a playful space.

Now he’s set to introduce virtual reality tech into his particular brand of fine dining…